35 mm Slides
  35 mm slides degrade over time and are vulnerable to many things. It is also becoming more difficult to view these on your projector as the projectors are simply not being made any more and replacement parts are hard to come by. Images are scanned at the industry standard of 2000 dpi, unless otherwise requested, and saved as a high quality jpeg. Uncompressed tiff format is available upon request.    
  If you wish to have specific images scanned at a higher resolution for larger prints, please let me know and they will be scanned at the resolution you need. All images are burned to a CD or DVD at no extra charge. Place all these wonderful images into a photo video (optional) with your favourite music, narration and/or titles and subtitles and be prepared for a spectacular trip down memory lane!    
  35 mm Services
Pricing Print Version   
Scanning includes:
Each slide being individually cleaned, by hand, with compressed air to eliminate dust and particles
More extensive cleaning being gently done with the fine, soft bristles of an artist’s brush
Your choice of resolution, for your needs
The award-winning, powerful Digital Ice™ technology.
Digital GEM and Digital ROC, at no extra charge, for the highest quality image possible
All images are burned to CD or DVD (depending on size and amount) at no extra charge
Additional Options:
Music can be added to enhance your memories even more (see video examples)
Images can be grouped according to your needs: by dates, event or type of slide
Each authored DVD chapter is begun with a title or date of your choosing
Each authored DVD has a full menu, with chapters/music
If you prefer, you can choose to have a DVD slideshow, featuring up to 1400 slides (no music, chapters or titles)
Standard 35mm Slide Scanning – Hi Quality JPEG Format at 300 DPI Print
DPI Dimensions Print Size Approx Size 1 - 199 200+
1000 1273 x 813 3 x 4.5 500K - 1MB .55¢ ea .45¢ ea
2000 2547 x 1647 6 x 9 2MB .60¢ ea .50¢ ea
3000 3820 x 2440 9 x 14 4MB .65¢ ea .60¢ ea
4000 5093 x 3253 12 x 18 6MB .70¢ ea .65¢ ea
Standard 35mm Slide Scan – Uncompressed TIFF Format – Native Raw File
DPI Dimensions Print Size Approx Size 1 - 199 200+
1000 1273 x 813 3 x 4.5 4MB .65¢ ea .55¢ ea
2000 2547 x 1647 6 x 9 17MB .70¢ ea .60¢ ea
3000 3820 x 2440 9 x 14 30MB .75¢ ea .70¢ ea
4000 5093 x 3253 12 x 18 65MB .80¢ ea .75¢ ea
Add 25¢ per slide for non-standard 35mm mounted slides or negatives
Prices include providing all images on CD-R or DVD (depending on number and size of images). This is for 35mm mounted slides only. Minimum order is $50.00.
Add basic slide show DVD (up to 1400 images) for ease of viewing (no music and incremental chapters only).
Special rates for 35mm slide show with music is $125.00 per DVD (plus scanning costs) of approximately 600 – 650 images at 8 seconds each with transitions between each image (for smoother look), main titles and divided into chapters with a DVD menu.
Complete editing, including narration, subtitles, Hollywood Special Effects and / or your choice of music can be added at $50.00 per hour.
*MusicYour choice.
Additional DVDs (slim case) - $12.50 each
Additional DVDs (deluxe DVD case with sleeve insert) - $20.00 each