Photo Restoration
  If your business is looking for quality image edits or assistance with close cropping your products, give us a call. We can assist you!    
  Many of us also have stored precious, old photos in cardboard boxes, tins, envelopes or within the pages of well-worn and torn photo albums and some of those wonderful pictures have become bent and scratched through the years. All about You Video Productions can restore those cherished photos to look even better that the original, in most cases. Please see the list below for photo services available. Please see Photo Magic Sample page for some ideas!    
  Our Photo Services
Photo Scanning & Restoration Prices Print Version   
Photo Services:
Scanning and repairing folds and scratches, etc., digitally
Enhance faded, washed out black and white and colour photos
Remove items or people from your photos, as needed
Colour correction, balance and contrast
Photo resizing
Convert to black and white or Sepia tones
Add titles or text to an image
Fix blemishes, smooth out lines and lighten teeth and under eye circles and more
Crop items or people and place on a different background
Other creative photo editing, including beautifully creative Wedding photo enhancements
Photo Restoration and all other forms of editing $50.00 per hour
Digital Photos to CD or DVD $15.00 each
Scanning up to 4 x 6 .55¢ each
Scanning up to 8 x 10 .85¢ each
Please note that in order to provide an accurate quote for your photo editing and / or restoration needs, you will need to bring or send your photos in person, by mail or via email for a proper assessment.
When doing any form of editing, it is always best to use the original image, whenever possible. If this is not possible, please provide in a digital format in a resolution of at least 300 DPI.
Specialty “fun” editing is also available: ie: cropping a loved one’s head and placing it on a clipart body (ie: a super hero!) for a fun photo.
We provide prints only for photos we have restored, edited or our own photography.
For any other photo needs, please email and we will do our best to assist you.