8 mm and Super 8 Film
  8 mm and Super 8 silent film are vulnerable to a host of conditions that will advance their deterioration rapidly, including: heat, humidity, excessive dryness, using elastic bands to hold the film in place on the reel, exposure to light and more. The only way to preserve these irreplaceable memories is to have them converted to a digital format such as DVD, as soon as possible. Most film has not been stored in desirable conditions, so it is even more urgent that it be transferred as soon as possible.    
  We will digitize your 8 mm and Super 8 mm SILENT film using state-of the-art telecine equipment that has an enlarged gate that allows access to 100% of the film frame. Other methods can lose as much as 1/4” of the outer part of the image. Our process is unlike typical projectors or other telecine units that crop the image and shoot off the softer, base side of the film. We am able to image off the sharper, emulsion side of the film. We also use a no-heat, super-bright LED light source that will not burn your film they way the old, hot bulbs could.    
  A great deal of care, time and expense went into making your home movies in the first place, now it’s time to preserve them to ensure that they aren’t lost forever. Save them by having them digitized and transferred to DVD today.    
  What We Do
Pricing Print Version   
• All footage is captured using state-of-the-art telecine equipment
• The image is produced from the sharper, emulsion side of the film
• The enlarge gate of our telecin equipment allows access to 100% of the film frame
• All editing is done in a completely digital environment
• No hot bulbs are used, so your film will never burn
• Bad splices or breaks are repaired, where needed
• Sequences are placed in the order you request
Additional Options:
• Music can be added to enhance your memories even more
• Removal of all "bad" spots
• Each *authored DVD chapter is begun with a title and / or date of your choosing
• Each *authored DVD has a full menu, just like the movies from the video store
Reel Diameter Film Length Approx Run Time Price
3 inch / 7.5 cm 50 Feet 3.5 - 4 min. $15.00 ea
4 inch / 10.1 cm 100 Feet 7 - 8 min. $25.00 ea
5 inch / 12.7 cm 200 Feet 14 - 16 min. $35.00 ea
6 inch / 15.2 cm 300 Feet 21 - 24 min. $45.00 ea
7 inch / 17.7 cm 400 Feet 28 - 32 min. $55.00 ea
Basic DVD (holds up to 120 minutes of film)
(includes basic editing & transitions, incremental chapters, title printed on DVD & slim jewel case)
Authored DVD (holds up to 90 minutes of film)
A fantastic Full Featured Movie that includes advanced editing, creative transitions, your choice of chapter set up, chapter titles, music of the era, full DVD & slim jewel case (Deluxe cases available)
Rates dependent upon amount of footage and work needed.
*Music – Your choice.
Additional DVDs (slim case) $13.50 each
Additional DVDs (deluxe DVD case with sleeve insert)